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About Susie

Welcome. I’m Susie. I have been practising mindfulness for 9 years. What began as curiosity and a strong desire to create more peace in my life, has resulted in changing my life.

I’d been curious about meditation for years, but somehow hadn’t managed to prioritise it. Then one summer, I decided I would simply teach myself. I mean, how hard could it be?? I booked 10 days in an off-grid cabin in the Pyrenees, bought the popular introduction to mindfulness book with cd guide, “Finding Peace in a Frantic World” and flew off to learn. I meditated, read the large pile of books I took with me, meditated some more and walked in the scorchingly hot, beautiful mountains. My trip was a revelation and mindfulness and its practice has been a steadfast and non-negotiable part of my life ever since.

As practising mindfulness makes such a difference in my life, it feels very natural and meaningful for me to want to share it and teach it to others. I love the teaching process, especially the group setting, which is both inspiring and fun and where the learning occurs between all of us. For me, connection is key to learning, whether it’s through being vulnerable together, sharing silence, discussion, or through joking and laughing together. As well as running groups, I also teach one-to-one.


I am a fully certified mindfulness teacher, having completed the NHS run foundation teacher training programme at The Sussex Mindfulness Centre (SMC), which is based in the Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.

I have also trained with the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP) to become a Paws b and a dotb practitioner, which enables me to teach mindfulness both to primary and secondary school children.

I work in keeping with the nationally agreed Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness teachers and supervisors. In addition, I am a qualified psychotherapist, having graduated from The Psychotherapeutic Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I originally trained as a musician and worked for many years as a freelance viola player in orchestras and chamber groups. I still play and also teach both children and adults. Music and mindfulness make an ideal partnership and I have plans to use music as a part of my mindfulness teaching very soon.

About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of noticing and choosing where we place our attention. So often we are on “automatic pilot” and aren’t really aware or fully engaged in what we’re doing. Have you ever driven somewhere and arrived realising that you don’t remember any of the journey? Or gone through the motions of a conversation only to realise afterwards that you haven’t heard a word the other person has said?

While automatic pilot most definitely has its uses; like breathing… Only being on it, can have consequences for us:

  • We miss out! On automatic pilot, we often don’t notice the small beauties in the world; details in nature, precious moments with our loved ones.
  • We react automatically to situations, based on old patterns and habits. These knee jerk reactions aren’t always very helpful or healthy and stepping out of autopilot, enables us to choose more skilful responses instead.
  • We often don’t notice or respond to the signals that our bodies send us. We soldier on through tiredness, stress, physical niggles, often ignoring symptoms; even when we know that something is out of balance. If we miss the small signals, our bodies have to shout a little louder and then louder still, to try to get us to stop and listen. And sometimes those louder signals can leave scars.
  • Our minds become scattered when we are on autopilot. Our attention wanders. We find ourselves imagining scenarios, over analysing, trying to avoid unpleasant experiences, clinging onto pleasant ones. All of which take us away from the present moment and can leave us feeling distracted and exhausted.
So how do we step out of auto pilot?
  • By slowing down.
  • By focusing on and using our breath
  • By learning to notice and watch our thoughts and feelings.
  • By waking up to the physical sensations in our bodies.
  • By developing the skill of being aware of our experiences from moment to moment.
  • We become more present and aware and instead of knee jerk reactions to situations, we can choose more skilful responses. 

How do we practice?

Mindfulness can be divided roughly into formal and informal practice. A combination of both is ideal.

The formal practice is basically meditation, where we deliberately set aside time to be still and focus. 

The informal, is any part of your daily life that you do mindfully. This simply means bringing our full awareness to whatever we’re doing, while we’re are doing it. We can do anything mindfully; brush our teeth mindfully, shower mindfully, eat our breakfast mindfully.


Click on a course below to find out more…

It’s been a truly crazy 18 months. How have you been with it all? With the uncertainty? The stress? All the other challenges that may have crossed your path, in whatever shape or form?

How can something like mindfulness make a difference? Can a mindful approach to living really make us feel calmer, less anxious, less stressed? Can it really help us sleep better? Can it change the intensity and sometimes harsh nature of the chatter in our minds?

It really can.

Come to one of my taster sessions and see for yourself. We’ll look at what mindfulness is and how it can help. I’ll also guide you through a short sitting meditation and share some simple tools you can take away and use immediately.

Come and see if this approach to life and living is for you. Or perhaps you’ve practiced mindfulness before and want to get back into it or learn some more. This is a great opportunity to come and see if how I teach resonates with you, before you sign up for something longer.

I’m offering two 1 hour sessions on 10.09 and 17.09 1-2pm at Ingledale Therapy Centre, Tanhouse Rd, Oxted, RH8 9PE.

Cost: £30 per person

Booking here: https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BFFY

Do you yearn for more peace and calm in your life?

It’s been scientifically proven that a mindful approach to living really can help to make us feel calmer, less anxious and less stressed. It can it help us to sleep better, improve relationships and can help to change the harsh nature of the self critical chatter that many of us have in our minds.

Mindfulness is not a magic pill, but a practice, a process and a daily choice. And it can make a huge difference to the quality of our lives!

This 8 week course This is a course for anyone wishing to cultivate more balance and peace of mind in their lives. Over the course, we learn that by deliberately paying attention to what happens in the mind and body, we can better deal with and more skilfully respond to the stresses and strains of everyday life.  We discover and practice how to tune in and recognise old habits and ways of reacting, that may no longer serve us. This then gives us the option of responding in more helpful ways, so that we can better take care of ourselves and live our best lives.

You don’t need to have any experience of mindfulness or meditation to join.

The course begins with a 1 hour orientation session, followed by 8 weekly two hour sessions. The sessions are a combination of guided meditations, discussion and learning. To get the most out of the course, participants are encouraged to do daily home practice, of ideally approx. 30mins.

Each participant receives a comprehensive handbook and is enrolled and has access to an online learning platform and app (Moodle). This has all the information needed, including all the guided meditations used. Access to this online platform is available for up to a year after the course ends.

Cost: £300 per person. Places are limited.

Next available course:

Fridays at 1-3pm, starting 24th September 2018 at Ingeldale Therapy Centre, Tanhouse Rd, Oxted. RH8 9PE

Booking here: https://www.trybooking.co.uk/BFHG


“Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” Thich Nhat Hanh

It goes without saying, that whatever’s happening in our external world has a huge effect on us, Especially in the last 18 months. If we can turn our attention to our internal world, and try to access and cultivate more peace inside, it’s possible for events happening outside ourselves to start to have less of a hold over us. The idea is not to push away or trivialise any difficulties, but rather to strengthen ourselves from the inside, to learn how to be less reactive and less emotionally at the mercy of things we have little or no control over. Practicing mindfulness can help to shift this balance and even the tiniest of shifts can make a huge difference to the way we experience our daily lives.

I’m very excited to be offering 1 to 1 mindfulness sessions outdoors.  We meet locally in nature in a beautiful spot on the North Downs. We meet  for 1 hour, where we can talk, walk, meditate and explore ways that can help you to stay present and grounded. One of the benefits of being 1 to 1, is that I can tailor the session to your particular needs and circumstances at this time.

Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners and everyone in between.

Cost: £35 per hour session, £100 for 4 sessions

Contact for booking: susie.asli@gmail.com / 07429 062930

I’m still offering 1:1 sessions on zoom, for those who prefer.  And if weather makes meeting outside too uncomfortable, we can reschedule or go online, at your choice.

1:1 Children/Teen online sessions

Would your child or teen benefit from learning mindfulness? Do they sometimes struggle with worries, stress or just not quite feeling comfortable in their own skin?
I create a warm, friendly, fun and safe space, where we can explore how mindfulness could help them. We learn and practice a few simple takeaway tools they can use in their daily lives.
£30 a session

Contact me for further information and booking

Weekly 1hr sessions to connect and practice together online in this time of covid-19 and social isolation. It’s a difficult and tender time in so many ways and connecting through mindfulness can be really helpful.

Suitable for all: from curious beginners to experienced practitioners and everyone in-between.

We’ll work from a relevant theme each week and I’ll guide both longer & shorter practices each time. There’ll also be space and time for discussion, for those who wish.

One of my goals with teaching mindfulness has always been to create and nurture a community, where we continue to meet and to practice mindfulness together. at this strange and vulnerable time, this goal feels even more relevant and useful. Mindfulness isn’t something you learn in 8 weeks and then that’s that. It’s a continuous choice and practice. Being with what is, whatever that is.

Next sessions:

When: tbc. Drop me a message if you’re interested and I’ll let you know

Cost: £8 per session. Please contact me if you’d like to join and, for whatever reason, are unable to pay.

Tickets. Click on the link below :

Drop-in session(s)

I will send the zoom link so you can join.

Mindfulness in Schools

I teach all ages in schools; The Pawsb course for 7-11 year olds and the .b course for 11-18 year olds. The course is designed and run by The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MISP). Available online.

Click on this link to read more: https://mindfulnessinschools.org/

Contact me for more info and/or booking.

Are your staff or leadership struggling with stress and pressures? Would you like to offer them a workshop, where they will learn about mindfulness and have takeaway ideas and tools to use afterwards.

Available via zoom for any workplace: including large/small businesses, schools places of further education

Contact me for more information. Workshops can be anything from 45mins to 2 hours, depending on your needs.


What a revelation! I discovered a lot about myself during the course and how I view the world around me. The course under Susie’s magnificent guidance, has helped me notice those and the things around me. I thoroughly recommend Susie as a teacher. She is calm, accepting and thoughtful with her guidance. I will no doubt be back for more soon.

Philip, Westerham, Kent

I cannot recommend Susie’s course highly enough…her calmness and constant guidance throughout the 8 weeks really made the whole experience very enjoyable. I learnt so much about myself and took so much more away with me than I was expecting to. I have gained techniques that I will now always be able to tap into at times of need and on a day-to-day basis. Definitely miss my Friday mindfulness sessions – Thank you Susie!

Moya, Oxted, Surrey

Susie could not have created a more welcoming, peaceful, calm and safe environment for my first journey into the world of mindfulness. The 8 week course was both enlightening and thought provoking and has already helped me in my day to day life. I am looking forward to learning even more in the months and years to come.  Thank you Susie.

Sarah, Oxted, Surrey

I am very grateful for the time I spent being coached by Susie in the practice of mindfulness.  I wholeheartedly feel that it has been the platform to help me change the way I think about things that might have caused me anxiety.  I am reframing the way I might have set a context around thoughts that weren’t necessarily the truth that might have put me in a spin of worry.  I feel that I have a greater ability now to accept the things that I cannot change.  Susie’s patient and non-judgemental teaching style fostered an extremely collaborative and trusting class environment.  I very much looked forward to the sessions each week, so much so that I felt as if I would like to do the course again! I hope to foster the practice of mindfulness throughout my life. Thank you.

Beth, Oxted, Surrey

A friend of mine just told me that she has signed up and is attending (and loving) your course based on my recommendation!! I think that is testimony in itself!

I absolutely loved the course and as a result have changed my mindset completely. I am happy to say that I now live every day in the PRESENT appreciating and being AWARE of all that is around me. This has been revolutionary and I am hoping that with this change I can influence my children to do the same. Thank you Susie for being such an inspiration and for introducing me to a new way of thinking.

Clare, Woldingham, Surrey

I highly recommend Susie’s mindfulness course to anyone who wants to enhance their life.  The course has helped me to calm my mind, better manage stress and appreciate the little things in life.  Susie has a gentle and calm way of teaching the peaceful subject of mindfulness and in every session she guided us through a relaxing meditation, so the weekly sessions were a treat in themselves. I really appreciate all that she has taught me and I have come away with new tools to cope with life’s challenges and to more fully appreciate the beauty of everyday life.

Rose, Limpsfield, Surrey

Having never been on a mindfulness course before I was not quite sure what to expect. The course proved to be relaxed, informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Susie is a master at putting people at ease and not making you feel pressurised in anyway.  I learnt numerous mindful techniques and was enlightened at how simple things can change the way you look at and deal with challenging situations. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to discover the benefits of mindfulness.

Clare, Crowhurst, Surrey

I absolutely loved the course. Initially I found it extremely challenging and resisted it so much at the start but slowly I realised how much of my every day it was impacting and calming down. Life of course was just as busy but I was feeling calmer about it all which felt amazing. I felt like I was being given hundreds of years of wisdom in these little peaceful pockets of time and I loved it. I found myself looking forward to the sessions and feeling relieved when it was time for the next one. Susie was brilliant. She created a lovely feel in the sessions and guided us all so gently and skilfully through the content. I also loved the weekly emails which were well timed with their content coming at just the right time to support where we were in the course. Now I am missing the weekly session and but am still trying to get my own home practise happening and am really wanting to keep it going and become a part of my life. I am sure I can.

Annabel, Oxted, Surrey

This was a thought provoking course which is designed to challenge your thinking process and give new ways to direct your mindset. It’s definitely beneficial for anyone who wants to stop negative thinking patterns. I can see how I can use the tools in the future to help if bouts of anxiety appear. It’s been very interesting! Susie has a real flare for her guided meditations which makes listening to them very easy. The words flow so well giving fluidity to the audio track. It’s effortless to listen to them in your practices.

Kate, Oxted, Surrey


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